Hair: Going even shorter

At the beginning of the year, I cut my shoulder length curly hair short. I kept it a medium length pixie for three months as I was getting used to the feeling of having less hair. I liked it. I liked it enough to get curious if I could pull off an even shorter cut. So, I've recently gone even shorter.

I love it! 

It's almost weird how familiar this short pixie feels. It's a bit like I've peeled off all the unnecessary layers. I look in the mirror and I see me. I take photos and it's me in them. Not my hair, not my insecurities (well, those too, but kinda more integrated)

Thinking back, I feel that when I was wearing my hair long, there had always been this urge to hide in them: to cover my face so that I won't have to show the parts that I am insecure about: my chin, my cheeks, my under eye hollows. With a pixie cut I can't hide anything. And you know what? I like that. It's liberating. It's like telling the whole world: 'well, this is me, this is what I look like and you just have to deal with it.' Not that the world cares, obviously. I do. And, surprise, surprise!, it appears I actually can deal with it.

How did I know it would work? I didn't. In fact, I remember telling a friend that I'm prepared for a total fiasco and that I would have to wear a hat at all times until my hair grew out. But now that the hair's snipped, I have the courage to face my insecurities and I think I am confronting them. And kinda winning at this game. This is fun. Seriously.

A lot of women find confidence in their long hair. It makes them appear feminine and beautiful. I looked for that courage in my long curls as well. I loved my curls, in fact! I was quite proud of them being so springy and long and shiny on a good day and perhaps sometimes even glamorous. At the same time, I feel like right now the pixie is more about me and less about just hair --and I like that

No matter the length and the reason behind growing or cutting it, I think it's really amazing how changing our hair changes not just our appearance but also our approach towards ourselves.

How does your hair work for you? 
What is your favorite length to give you that boost of confidence?
Have changes to your hair ever brought on changes in your life?



  1. I think it's very brave of you to have such short hair as it does put all the focus on the face! And I'm so glad you like it.
    My long hair is becoming part of my identity - I've never had even shoulder length hair before (except as a toddler). My face is very unremarkable so I like to have some hair to distract from it.
    I always want it longer though people exclaim to me all the time "your hair is so long!" Sadly it breaks as fast as it grows and the ends are in poor condition even though I look after it... I think I do, anyway.
    I used to wear my hair down most of the time but because of my university course I have it in a bun almost all the time, for hygiene and to stop myself from fiddling with it (a bad habit of mine which I'm trying to break - I give myself eye strain from staring at the split ends.)
    Recently I've started wondering what it's like to have shoulder length hair. I don't think I'm ready for it yet but maybe when I graduate from university. It would be a big change and a new start.
    Love your blog!
    Cass x

  2. Trafiłaś w sedno z tymi warstwami! Nie mogę powiedzieć, że z długimi włosami czuję się szczególnie niekomfortowo (oprócz braku zadowolenia z "fryzury"), ale dopiero po ostrzyżeniu na krótko wiem, że ja to ja. I tego uczucia nie da się pomylić z żadnym innym.