Outfit: My women's day

a blouse I made, loafers, thrifted cardigan, vintage skirt and belt and brooch, Mystical Cat pin, portrait pin, old bag,

This Women's Day I saw many people talk about strength and fighting. I know the socio-political situation is what it is nowadays and all the calls to arms most probably stem from it. I don't, however, believe in fighting. This may someday turn out to have been the wrong choice and a wrong idea, I don't know. I admire those who feel the power and want to fight the fight but I am not like them. I wish they didn't judge me.

And so, from the deepest bottom of my heart, I wish everyone to be gentle: towards themselves and towards others. Not yesterday, but everyday. I won't tell you that only kindness can change the world because I don't believe it. I don't honestly think anything can change the world. It just rolls on on its way and we are quite meaningless to it. But on a daily basis, in this smaller scale of things, gentleness and kindness are powerful tools to make our lives simply more bareable if not throroughly enjoyable.

I have suffered through bullying for the first half of my life. It came entirely from girls and women. Yes, I was teased by boys. But I was bullied by women and girls. I went on oblivious and naive, I couldn't even acknowledge bad things were happening to me. I thought this was how it was supposed to go and I didn't know I had any choice or anyone to turn to. I wish I didn't have to go through it. I wish other kids didn't have to. I wish other people --other women --would be more understanding. More gentle.

I have some amazing women in my life now. It took many years to find them and to be able to trust them. It surprises me that I still keep finding them. Some of them fight the fight and others keep to themselves like I do. They are artists, wives, scientists, activists, mothers, doctors, daughters, explorers, students --but most of all they are kind people. They are good to others.

Some of them do stuff you should look at. They make me proud to know them. Check them out.

Justyna and Ania are activists.
Hania makes art dolls.
Agata is a make up artist.
Rebecca is a fashion blogger.
Melinda makes jewellery.
Karolina is a designer.
Jagna trains dogs.

Kasia, Zosia, Ada, Mirka, Ela and all the others --you know who you are to me.

Wearing a blouse I made, loafers, thrifted cardigan, vintage skirt and belt and brooch, Mystical Cat pin, portrait pin, old bag.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. I'm so happy that you have found your tribe and I hope that your past tormentors have found a more peaceful, caring way of life. How strange that the young can be so cruel.

    1. Thank you for your warm words! I too hope they are now in a more peaceful place and they can open up with kindness to others.

  2. Hello ! I've found your blog recently and your words about gentleness and kindness touched me. I think you're right. And maybe a woman's force is in her kindness.
    And I must say you're a very beautiful and smart person)

    1. Thank you Dasha, that's so sweet of you to say! I am certainly happy my post could touch someone. It was a really personal thing to write, I was a bit anxious to put it out there. Your words encourage me to keep going this way :).

    2. O, thank you) I'm very glad to hear that.
      Don't be afraid, because we all have some stories behind. But that what makes us stronger. I'm on my way to start a blog too so I could share my thoughts and crafts in there. So you encouraged me in your turn))