Outfit: Learning curve

a skirt I made, sweater, thrifted blouse, pin from Portugal, vintage backpack

So I wasn't going to upload these photos. I took a look at them when we came back from the shoot and I just disliked them --that happened for the first time in a long while. I saw this boy wearing a too-large (as opposed to oversize) sweater and a cute girly skirt and was put off. Something didn't work here, something was clearly out of balance. I don't like disharmony about my looks. I never strive for perfection but I like to feel balanced by my clothes. And here, there was a bit too much of everything going on at the same time. Too much yang (or the masculine) overpowered the yin (the feminine), which in turn made yin look weird and out of place.

A couple days have passed and, you know, I think it's ok to show these pictures. The show a sort of a learning curve. My hair is different and I have glasses now that are going to make appearance from time to time. I need to adjust my style according to those new variables. It can be a bit hit and miss for a while and I'm letting it.

On a side note: I want to talk more about that yin and yang balance thing... I got inspired by reading a lot about theory of style and I would like to share some of what I've learned with you and talk about how I'm applying it to dressing myself. So keep your eyes peeled for a post describing the very concept of balance and imbalance --and also dissecting this outfit mercilessly to show you what exactly is wrong with it!

Wearing a skirt I made, sweater, thrifted blouse, pin from Portugal, vintage backpack.

Photos by my boyfriend.


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  1. I don't actually see anything wrong with the outfit (just as cute as always!), so I will be very interested to read your analysis, especially as balancing masculine and feminine elements is something I also strive for.