Outfit inspiration: Natural blues

There are times when I miss my mountains so much it grips at my heart and the only thing that soothes this longing is looking through photographs taken there. From this love of my own little place on earth this outfit was created, colored in the shades of the forests and the sky and the soil. I'm always feeling a bit locked in a cage like a small bird when I am away. Perhaps there is only one place where I can truly feel free. I channel it through my clothes from time to time, to remember the freedom of the rolling hills and the calm of the mountain forests.



  1. Oh for the love of Mountains! The reason I fell for Seattle was its mountain ranges...the Cascades and the Olympics. There is nothing better being surrounded by mountains and I fear the loss I feel when I move to the flat land in a few months.

    Thanks for the lovely post!



    1. Ohh, it must be hard moving to flatlands when your heart belongs where it belongs... I will keep my fingers crossed so that the move is pleasant and you find a lot of happiness in a new landscape :).