Outfit: Pixie boy

thrifted jacket and backpack, found shorts, vintage vest, gifted blouse, old boots

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a boy. Boys have it better, I figured, no one shouts at them for being naughty, and they are allowed to make mistakes. Boys don't scheme, don't laugh at you behind your back, they don't treat you mean and they don't make you feel inferior. At least that was my experience. Bottom line: among my peers, boys accepted me when girls just wouldn't. So I kinda turned into a boy. Some would say I was a tomboy but I really felt little of my feniminity left and I enjoyed that immensly for many years. All this came with dressing as un-girly as possible, ie. heavy boots, loose jeans and a tee and preferably a too-large sweater (as opposed to 'oversize').

Well, look how the times change a woman! When I finally embraced my more feminine side at a ripe old age of 26, I thought nothing of jeans and boyish looks anymore and I wanted to be as girly as possible. And so I was for a few years, as documented on this blog for part of that time.

I now feel like those apparent opposites have merged into one --I can work with that! With my pixie and an old-school boy chic I still look like a woman. And a bit like a hobbit, too, which is just fine with me.

Wearing thrifted jacket and backpack, found shorts, vintage vest, gifted blouse, old boots.

Photos by my boyfriend.


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  1. Your story could almost be mine! And I'm now in almost the same place: enjoying combining both masculine and feminine aspects, to create a style that manages to reflect both sides of my personality. And of course, you look as delightful as ever in this boyish outfit!