Outfit: Late again

the Late For Tea Dress, found sweater, thrifted coat and scarf, old boots, hat, pin from Porto.

When my friends in high school were dating a new boy each week, I was dreaming of my first kiss. When they went to universities, I held back and went to learn photography for two years. When my friends started getting married, I was breaking up with another boyfriend. When they were starting to raise kids, I was taking in another dog found in the street. When my friends made important career decisions, I was bouncing off ideas for my future job. When people around me finally start earning decent money in their early 30s, I still barely earn enough to pay my taxes each month.

Yeah, I'm kinda late in life for stuff. But you know, so what?

Sure, there are times when I think that I'm the queen of all losers. I have no decent skills and no money and my biggest life accomplishment is that I learned how to charm people so that they can like me. But that's not really true.

The truth is that I don't want to do things the regular way. I don't care for diplomas and marriages and, God forbid, kids. I like my cat and dogs, I like my boyfriend and I like my silly clothes-sewing-practically-no-income job. And if that's a bit irregular way of doing this thing called living, then there sure are some prices I have to pay, like being late to stuff in life, and I am deeply aware of those prices. Oh, I pay.

If I have a regret, it is that I wish I laughed more when I was a kid and kissed more when I was in my early twenties. But at least I grew up to kiss who I want and I'm learning to laugh when I feel like it. I may not know what my job will be in 5 or 10 years but I actually don't mind that. I'm probably going to be late to everything and I console myself that due to this trend I will also be late to dying. Which is pretty cool because I think 'late' is about 100. Not many people can say they will live for a 100 years with this much certainty.

Wearing: the Late For Tea Dress, found sweater, thrifted coat and scarf, old boots, hat, pin from Porto.

Photos by my boyfriend.


  1. Here's something else we have in common aside from being kindred spirits! haha...

    Oh gosh, can I relate. I almost feel like i've been waiting to talk about this. I also hope I get to live a long healthy life so I can fit in the rest of the stuff that I will come late to.

    I look at some of the teenagers I know and they are more self possessed, confident and well adjusted than I was at age....25! I've always had a kind heart thankfully, but so many very basic things it's taken me so long to have -- whatever amount of confidence I have, self discipline, etc...

    I mean, I often think: i could have feasibly started my own business YEARS ago. It's not like i would have made money right away, i'm barely making any now, it takes time, but I could have started like 10 years ago. It isn't applicable to me though, this logic makes no sense because I just didn't know it was possible and didn't believe in myself enough, even though i've wanted to be an entrepreneur since forever. Just random fantasies of wishing I was farther along than I am now.

    But truthfully, where I have the most difficulty is some very important foundational things I missed out on in my early life, which is why I am a late bloomer to basic stuff :-) Weeping in the middle of the night exists sometimes, but so does knowing how very very very many blessings i have. As long as I have my health, safety, food, shelter, freedom, love, fun, humor, creative expression, expression in general -- i'm alright! :-)

    I'm glad you feel you are alright as well! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hi Klara, thank you for liking my Instagram photo's so I could discover your lovely blog :) I like your style and your posts about (slow) fashion very much! Love, Lisette