Outfit inspiration: The lace blouse

Can you believe that the photos of this outfit were taken in March? With snow all over mid-February this year I'm pretty sure we still have ways to go before we can wear anything even mildly resembling these light layers... But I digress. The colours I used here were all in harmony, almost as if one was emerging from the other. It's easy to put together outfits based simply on analogous colours: which means they are all close to each other. In this case, I went from brighter to darker tones but kept them all in hues of pale warm pink to Banker-Miller pink to burgundy. You can read all about shades of pink here! It's fascinating how many hues there are and what they are called.

Also check out how many different patterns (meaning prints and embroideries) I included in there! They don't clash, though, because you can easily treat small florals as neutrals.


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