Outfit: Finally!

skirt I made from self-drafted pattern, thrifted cardigan and purse, blouse, loafers, vintage belt, pin

I'm exhaling a deep breath of relief here. After almost two months of full time winter, spring has finally sprung --and she did so spectacularly. We went from -10C last week to 12C today! I honestly couldn't wait for warmer temperatures to arrive and I've been feeling all antsy for winter to end, like I'd been trapped under ice and running out of air. Actually, when sudden snow hit us on Saturday --after a few days of thaw --I was heartbroken. We went to shoot an outfit outside and I just lost it: I could't imagine dropping my coat YET AGAIN in the damn cold. I mean, no way! I started to ask myself why I was even doing this! Why, for chrissakes, was I torturing myself every few days in all this cold and snow to reveal an outfit hidden under layers of coats and extra sweaters when all I really want to put on is a pair of jeans and the biggest jumper I can find --and never leave my home? This winter has been so bad to me!

We came back with no photos and as I was sitting on a bench, grumbling, trembling and waiting for the bus to come, I felt like I haven't blogged for myself in the longest time. I haven't been out to take photos by myself in months. I was forcing myself to blog everyday or nearly everyday, creating more and more content and getting exhausted by it. On top of that, a lot of what I've been showing lately were outfits composed around sponsored stuff --which I do like but it didn't feel right for this time and weather. I felt like there were too few outfits that were really me. Too much experimenting, too little doing what I know and enjoy. It felt like this new schedule sucked out all the fun from my usual carefree way of blogging.

If it hasn't been for this wonderful weather today, I would have taken a hiatus. But sometimes you just need to put on just the clothes you want to wear and go out on your own with your camera and your tripod and check out your favorite path in your favorite fields to get back on track. So I'm here. I might not update everyday but I'm not going anywhere.

Wearing a skirt I made from self-drafted pattern, 
blousethrifted cardigan and purse, loafers, vintage belt, moka pot pin.

All photos by myself.



  1. You have written here a lot of what I was thinking about for myself.(I too want to be true to myself when I blog) I'm glad you decided to do things your way. The pictures and your outfit look great.

    1. Thank you! I think I've come to a conclusion that what I really like about blogging is the creative freedom and doing it just my way. So I decided I will! :)

  2. I hear you! Days are short and cold and I often don't want to leave the house to practice photography for my blog. But that's part of the beauty of blogging. It forces you to create. Thanks for creating content if when you may not want to. Your work is brilliant.
    Outfit Zest

    1. Haha, no, it's not like that! I am mostly happy to brave the cold and other circumstances that make taking photos problematic. It's all a matter of perspective and I like to think of creating photos for this blog like it's a small adventure each and every time. It was just that one time that it was too much to bear, I guess. Happens to everybody, I'm sure!

      And you are so right, blogging keeps you creative! It's a great thing to do :).

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    1. Oh thank you for dropping by! I'll be happy to follow your blog, I take a lot of inspiration from Korean fashion :).