Brand spotlight: Folkloriikka


Simone Toerien, the hands and eyes behind Folkloriikka, started her brand not so long ago and it soon let her quit her day job. No wonder! Just look at these dainty, beautiful pieces that are equal part quaint and adorable. The curled up mouse sleeping in her hole is as cute as two kissing rabbits and I can't imagine a better pair of earrings than the two foxes with their cunning stares. These pieces have everything I love in my jewellery: they feature woodland animals, they are cute and they are tiny. Their quality looks amazing with all the delicate detail --something I personally pay a lot of attention to.

I would have a hard time picking just one piece out of all these that I pictured here --and those are just my favorites! There's more available in Simone's etsy shop to go, check it out.


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