Outfit: Black and burgundy

vintage skirt, thrifted bag, booties, old coat and hat, blouse c/o Shein (sold out, similar)

This hat is one of the first ones I ever got and somehow I rarely remember to wear it. Too bad because it's such an elegant piece and adds a touch of ladylike chic to any outfit.

Ladylike aside, though, I admit this outfit is better suited for an inside shoot rather than photos taken outside. I guess this falls under #bloggerproblems category but hear me out. I am mostly only happy with my photos when they are taken in nature or in some beautiful location, preferably out of town, the more fairytale-esque the better. Still, I do want to share outfits that are more fitting for a date at a cafe rather than for a hike in the woods because I wear clothes like that --and quite frequently as of late. I feel like the outfits I've recently been publishing on Robot aren't always a reflection of my everyday life... And I would like them to be so. That said, it's not possible for me to photograph those less bulky sets indoors. Well, at least not to my satisfaction. So I choose to endure those sub zero temperatures to get some pretty photos of pretty and lightweight outfits.

Bottom line. Did I shiver? Yes. Was it worth it? Also, yes.

Wearing vintage skirt, thrifted bag, booties, old coat and hat, blouse c/o Shein (sold out, similar)

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Super wygladasz, swietny plaszczyk! :)

  2. Very nice outfit! the blouse is so pretty, I understand what you mean about photograph outside, for me is a problem too hehe ;)

  3. Embroidered pieces are so classic and beautiful. My grandmother and mother both embroider but I never found the patience for it myself. I often find myself searching for embroidered pieces (towels, liners, handkerchiefs, etc.) that I can re-purpose and I always wish I had such skill of my own. I realize that this top was not a piece you made, but I'm sure you also find yourself dreaming of embroidering your own work :)

    I just recently found an Embroidered Vintage Jumper, however the zipper is in need of repair. I look forward to sharing it soon as it's truly a piece to admirer.