Outfit Inspiration: Poor girl but not blue

This outfit is among my favorites from last year, most probably because it includes two pieces that I'd sewn: one is the skirt and the other, the cropped sweater. The skirt is, sadly, way too large for me at the moment and I feel like I'm wearing a coffin around my hips in it. I find I wear the sweater way too rarely, though! It's a pretty piece and very warm too. I refashioned it from a huge and very unflattering on me men's sweater that was a found item. Goes to show that you can make a properly fitting piece of clothing out of, well, a lot of things, given enough fabric to work with.

Anyway, the inspiration for this outfit could easily have been an old fort like the one in the picture, overlooking the rough seas. Standing among the ancient walls, you can easily hear the water grumbling down below and the seagulls laughing in the sky. The scent of salt in the air is overwhelming as you watch the tall ships sail off into the distance.


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