Outfit inspiration: A bit of winter

Can you tell I'm stronly influenced by fairy tales when making my clothing choices? Well, this styling was no exception. I feel like a fearless heroine storming through the cold and wintery forest, hasty on her quest to find some hidden treasure. Aesthetically, I like mixing cold hues with warm ones from time to time... I do it as an excercise in style and it seems to work at times. If I was to re-wear this outfit, I'd probably stick to grey tights, though, to let the red on the dress and the green of the scarf play the first fiddle without anything distracting.

Oh, and this is probably my favorite dress I've ever sewn! It's also one of my first ones and it still makes me proud to look at it. I need to take it out of the closet again soon! Here are a few ways I've styled it in the past.



  1. Love the fabric and the fairy tale inspiration! It's very sweet.

  2. This is the perfect cozy winter look. The shearling on that vest and those boots is perfection! Techlazy.com Howmate.com Crazyask.com

  3. I’m loving this perfectly coordinated outfit. Want every piece! UpdateLand