Outfit: If only to be a resolute man

Wearing: thrifted dress and purse, found cardigan, vintage blazer, Nord shoes (sold out), blouse c/o SammyDress, pin c/o West Park Creative.

As January progresses, the inevitable questions come flooding in like a gentle stream gone wild. New Year's resolutions. Do I have any?

I figure there are two ways to go about it: you either are a believer or you are not. Me? Well, while I both admire and scoff at the former, I am also a bit ashamed to be the latter. It's just that I know myself all to well to not fool myself with wishful thinking. In my case, sudden bursts of enthusiasm caused by the year turning, wane as soon as the first temperatures drop or the first rain falls or the moment I don't get enough sleep --see, anything's an excuse for me. I tried. I have succeeded in finding out that it won't work.

On a slightly more serious note, I have found my resolutions may not work because... well, because of my attitude. The way I formulate them, they just have to fail. Like, check out this list of potential resolutions.

1. Lose/maintain weight. No matter how much I currently like my body, I have always wished I was skinny and tiny. Oh, how I would like to be those couple of inches shorter... well, it's not happening, for obvious reasons. And as for dieting? I have lost about 6 kilos over the last half a year. I feel sturdy and big. Just like I felt when I was another 6 kilos ligther back in high school. So yeah. No matter if I succeed in reality, I acutally won't in my head.
2. Read more books. Oh yea, always could raise those smartness levels, right? I mean, I do read. I just never read enough, no matter how many books I finish in a year. You know the "never good enough" feeling? I have that with books. So yeah, again, not happening.
3. Get more social. Meet new people! Go to parties. Reach out to old friends... Well, at least see someone other than my customers and my family. Right. This is happening just as soon as I turn into an extrovert and not have to spend a hundred hours alone after going grocery shopping because of exhaustion with people.

Ok, ok, this wasn't totally serious. Just a bit maybe.

If you're a believer in resolutions, then I salute you. Let me know how you maintain your good attitude!

Wearing: thrifted dress and purse, found cardigan, vintage blazer, Nord shoes (sold out), blouse c/o SammyDress, pin c/o West Park Creative.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Dear Klara,
    I know too well how difficult it is to deal with wishes, targets and resolutions. In the end, our lives are too busy and our schedules are full of duties, tasks and orders. For me, I found out that sticking on something is the key. I am a perfectionist and right out of balance if something does not work as I want to. In the end it is important to keep to your goals. Doing little things every day or every second day and in a year they will come out as recognisable results.... and to be honest: What is a year? Time goes by so quickly.
    By the way you are looking gorgeous and your new hair style suits you so well.
    I know the feeling of wanting to be shorter and smaller... In the end it is important not to compare yourself with others but be the best version of yourself.
    Have a lovely week my dear.
    Much love, Christine

  2. Lovely! And as for resolutions, I don't really pay attention to the New Years resolution thing -- I need it to be that any moment can be a moment to make a brighter choice. I am having a tough time these past few weeks with the phenomenon of resistance/the way I react to getting off track/who knows what. I know what feeling wonderful to me (in this case, daily routines and practices) but I got off track and am just NOT getting back on track. I'm curious about this, and frustrated. I don't feel like I am living, in a sense. (While I a sincere in what I say, I think it sounds quite grave how i put it. It does indeed feel grave, yet at the same time - is just a human in a tizzy) :-)

  3. Piękne zdjęcia :) pozdrawiam serdecznie :) woman-with-class.blogspot.com

  4. czerwona sukienka świetnie kontrastuje ;)

  5. Goodness, I know the "never good enough" feeling all too well. Really enjoyed this post, Klara.