Outfit ideas: lovely things from forests unknown

It is this time of the year when I'd be most happy to bury myself under a cloak of snow somewhere far away in the mountains, in the middle of the woods, and I would literally hold my breath to listen to the sounds that the wilder lands make. Knowing I can not succumb to such wishes, I console myself doing the internet era equivalent of window shopping.

And so, being this state of mind, a few curious items caught my attention while I was browsing Dezzal earlier this week. They all seemed to have a common theme: that of a deep forest where you can find mystery and adventure and wild animals and --perhaps something more. They all came together nicely into pretty pairings like the ones I'm featuring here. So, let's spend a day --and a night --in the forest and see how that goes...

You could find yourself in the dead of night in the middle of the woods, able to experience its darkest secrets... it'd be smart to stay casual for the occasion, though, so a sweatshirt should do just fine, paired with a simple purse in a striking colour.

After spending a night in the forest, coming outside to a meadow at dawn to see the sunrise would be so calming! This fresh, breezy dress reminds me of mornings and dewy grasslands and the garnet of the ring is the drop of light of a rising sun.

Is it now time to stop and smell the flowers? Pick some maybe, and when you spot a deer in the distance, don't move, just watch. This blouse would scream "Spring!" if it weren't so delicate. Perhaps it whispers it. Oh, and the deer is pretty self-explainatory.

Time to gather your findings and go home. Pick the mushrooms growing by the road and you can have them for dinner later. The sun is slowly setting and it's getting a little cooler so a nice warm hoodie is a necessity. After a long day and night, you can warm in the safety of your cottage --and look, the bag even has 3D pillows on the bed!

By the way, there's an ongoing sale on Dezzal right now and you can get 25% off your purchases with code "Newyear2017" until February 10th.

P.S. Those who know what the title of this post is hinting at --I salute you.


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