Outfit: Fairy lights

old coat, refashioned skirt, vintage belt booties c/o SammyDress, thrifted purse, cardigan and blouse, pins, C&A mittens, scarf from local market

Chance encounters like this are the best. We were wandering around where Bartek works and we stumbled upon this half-abandoned bar on the roof of an old fort, obviously defunct in winter. The lanterns were left intact, swinging calmly on tree branches and with the late sunlight shining through them they were mysterious spheres full of magic that I couldn't help but play around with.

It's the little touches that you do to the surroundings you take photos in that make the final result a bit special sometimes. I like all kinds of props in my photoshoots --it's easier to immerse in a world presented in pictures when you have some items that describe said world. Most of the time my "props" are trees and wild fields and sometimes an abandoned house can create a world in itself. While I think of props beforehand from time to time and bring them with me on a shoot, like a steaming cup of tea or an old book or an old camera, I am often forgetful of them, to my own aggreviation. I was supposed to bring a thermos with hot coffee for these photos but left home without it and only remembered when I'd already arrived at the place. It's at times like this that I most appreciate the rare occurence of fairy lights handed to me by an unaware bar owner.

Wearing: old coat, refashioned skirt, vintage belt booties c/o SammyDress, pins, thrifted purse, cardigan and blouse, C&A mittens, scarf from local market.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. you have absolutely gorgeous hair, good choice! thanks for your blog and your smile

  2. Hi, I follow your blog since a few weeks. I really must say that your hair is fantastic. It looks so beautiful!

  3. Hi, I follow your blog since a few weeks and I really have to say that your hair look beautiful! Great!

  4. This outfit is perfection and I am dying over that skirt. Also....you are totally rocking the pixie:)

  5. Wow the photos are so beautiful and magical! I love it.
    And can I just say your hair is goooorgrous like this! So so so cute! You little elf.
    Hope you're having a nice weekend.
    Much love,