Outfit: Boy, was I mad

vintage skirt and shoes, old socks and cardigan and coat and blouse c/o SammyDress.

Boy, was I mad. The weather? Ugh. Don't even talk to me about that shit. Melting snow, grey skies, no light, ugly ugly ugly everything. I must have lived in the most despicable place on the planet that day. Where do you find a pretty backdrop for a pretty outfit in conditions like that? Huh? Finally we made it to this tiny alley overgrown with ivy, probably the only place around with some amount of colour. I'm not particularly fond of this alley because I once got shouted at for taking photos in there: the owner of a house behind the wall decided we weren't allowed to be there (!). Fearing another incident of the sort, we hurried and I was making grumpy faces and, just, you know? I hated being a blogger for a moment there. Stupid blog, stupid clothes, stupid photos. I almost threw a tantrum there! What! I know, I know, #bloggerproblems. I guess we all have those quirks and little pet peeves that just set us off grumbling, and those differ depending on your area of work. I'm just lucky my boyfriend is so patient with me.

I'm wearing a vintage skirt and shoes, old socks and cardigan and coat and blouse c/o SammyDress.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Oh my, I looove these photos! (Who wouldn't have know if you hadn't told us about how your photo taking adventure was!)

    So soft and feminine, and I loooove that outfit. It all feels very "soft".

    Ohhhh, I ate getting scolded, I understand why you avoid that alley. People need to chill out :-)

  2. Bahaha I love this post! I have a similar backdrop in the alley behind my apartment...it is stunning with all the ivy and overgrown fences. But I have several crazy neighbors, so I'm terrified to try taking pictures back there!There is nothing worse than running around with your tripod while your neighbors are eyeballing you and smoking a joint!!!

  3. świetne zestawienie :) urocza bluzka;)
    pozdrawiam cieplutko :))

  4. You got some really lovely photos, despite your bad mood at the time :) I really love the embroidery on your blouse here too- so pretty.
    The Artyologist

  5. What beautiful photographs Klara, good job you hung in there.

  6. I applaud your honesty! How refreshing it is to read your words and think to myself "I've been there."


  7. I had the same experience with one of my posts! It was sunless for days and kind of muddy. Super frustrating but we all trudge through somehow.