2016 sewing recap

2016 was quite prolific for me in the sewing department! I won't even bother to count my makes but boy, were they numerous --I wasn't even able to photograph each an every one of them for the blog. A few still linger in my closet, waiting for their turn to be shown off.

Anyway, it's going to be an extremly lengthy and image-packed post so without further ado, just take a look at all the produce.


Ok, so I am definitely a dress person. While I wore a lot of separates last year, it was dresses that I sewed the most. I just like the idea of one piece of clothing to cover the whole body. I find that as my personal style was getting somewhat simplified, the dresses I sewed this year were very simple --to the extent that most of them weren't even fitted. Which is just fine! This year, though, I want to see what happens when I go to the next level with more embellishments and quirky cuts.

I made my own baby doll dress, On pretty (both from the same pattern)


Not enough time spent on this area, I'm sure! And the results... well, varied at best. This is where I need to learn, learn, learn. Sewing tops is something I need to focus on so that I can better grasp the idea of fabric behaving on the upper body without being weighed down by a skirt like it happens with dresses. I want to sew knits better, too.

A few truthsI made my clothes, Temptation (all three from the same pattern)


This is where I let my creative juices flow! I was not technically ready for most of the ideas I had in mind but I tried and tried and sometimes even succeeded. I'm taking garment construction classes right now so I'm sure this year will mark a meaningful transition for me in terms of designing my own fashions. Exciting times!

Sewing for others

Much more of this happened over the year! Too bad I did not document enough. Gotta focus more on that this year, especially that I'm currently swamped with orders and struggling to get trough them --which is a good thing, if anyone had any doubts. It also means there will be a lot to take photos of!

Some pieces I showed on my facebook page.

Ok, so this is the longest post there ever was. If you made it this far, you deserve a medal. Or just my sincere appreciation for your patience. Thanks for staying around through all this!


  1. Congrats on upping your sewing game this year! I swear, it's like you make all the things I would make for myself if I had the sewing talent--clothes that are simple, saturated, rustic, and fitted and flowy in all the right places without being boring...almost like an everyday wearable storybook character costume. My personal style is very similar in terms of pallet. silliuette, and general aesthetic. I call it "gnome style." Lol. I also love that you never try to pretend that everything in your life is perfect when it isn't. Even though blogs (like all social media) are inevitably curated spaces, there is an authenticity that shines through in yours that I find refreshing and relatable. Thanks for doing what you do! Happy new year!

  2. So pretty, I want all the Pieces in my wardrobe.
    Lg Sabine Michaela

  3. My Gosh you're brilliant!
    I love basically everything you've made. You're so talented, and you amaze me with each piece. I still love the skirt you made for me (I'm unfortunately too heavy to wear it, but I'm on medication so we'll see what happens there...). The cape is ridiculously beautiful! And the cinnamon girl dress is just fantastic!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    Much love,

  4. These were all so inspiring to look at! You're right, there is a lot, but you should be so proud of them all. They all look great and creatively designed. I can imagine a catalog/lookbook of all these outfits as if they were magazine ads. Beautifully shot and wonderfully sewn! I wanna steal them all for myself!
    Have a lovely week,

  5. Those dresses, oh my god<3 they are truly a treat for the eyes, loved them.
    The style of stitching, the color, everything is perfect!