The stars will not be in your favor

This dress pattern sure comes around. It's already the fourth I made for myself and I think I made two more for customers. Such a simple yet effective design: short sleeves and crew neck and I can add whatever style of skirt to it. This time I did not bother to line the dress as it was just a quick make. Luckily my serger did not bail on me this time. It's got everything a dress needs: pockets, a comfortably long zipper and it's made of black wool interwoven with shiny metallic threads. I'm actually thinking of adding this design to my own tiny line that I intend to sell in my store when it opens... What do you guys think? For further reference, here are some of the other dresses that I made: one for a lovely bridesmaid and one for me.

On a side note: boy, has my fringe gotten long! You almost can't see my eyes from beneath it! To be honest, it's becoming more and more annoying and high maintenance, especially in our current windy-rainy weather, and I'm kinda biting my elbow for the decision to get it at all. I would gladly snip it but I'm actually waiting for an appointment with a hairdresser in early January so I want to leave my hair be for now and we'll see how that appointment changes things...

Wearing: a dress I made from vintage wool fabric. Also wearing: old coat and cardigan, gifted belt, petitcoat and scarf, locally bought beret, neckace c/o Good Looking Objects and heels c/o SammyDress

Photos by myself.