Outfit inspirations with Shein

One of my favorite outfits from last year is this one pictured above which comes from this post. It's composed of subdued warm tones mixed with some muted cool colours --perfect for late autumn time like now. My inspiration for this outfit was originally a street just like the one in the photo (credit goes to Christine). A small lane a little late in the day, with the first lights shining on a passer by just like me. Despite shooting this outfit out in the fields, I can easily picture myself in a street like that, perhaps waiting for a friend to go drink mulled wine in the evening together.

As much as my fashion sensibilities remain the same, this year I would recreate this look a bit differently...

...I'd add more bold tones and more embroidery (which seems to be on trend now, yay!) and finish off with something shiny but not too much of a statement, like the leaf-shaped belt. You can grab all the items on Shein now!


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