Oh God. Undo

Remember that time you tripped and fell down and your skirt went up up up and away to reveal your underwear (which was very basic and very cotton and very non-sexy, btw.)? Or that other time when you wanted to kiss someone hello on the cheek but they chose the other cheek and you locked lips mid-way? Or that time (or was it umpteenth time) you drank so much you woke up the next day with the worst hangover ever and you wished you'd never mixed beer with wine and with vodka and an energy drink? Oh, and that one when you set up to go out with your friend and forgot about it and only remembered when he called you to ask if you were coming because you were already an hour and a half late? Or, you know, maybe just that small tiny event when you forgot about your boyfriend's birthday?

Well, some of these may or may not have been my life experiences. I still keep rolling my eyes at myself again and again for having them. God, if only I had that "undo" button.

Well, now I do.

I'm wearing: a thrifted vintage skirt I altered (shortened, added the heart shaped pocket), Undo button c/o West Park Creative, thrifted vintage children's coat, thrifted sweater, Yumi blouse, old flats.

I took the photos myself.



  1. ten post przypomniał mi o moim czerwonym plaszczyku,ktory lezy na dnie szafy,dzieki hehe :)

  2. Oh, you're so adorable in this outfit, Klara! So many lovely details. I like to thrift children's coats too! I never was sure about how tall you were but I'm guessing you're quite petite like me. :D And yes, an "undo" button would be so very lovely, wouldn't it? All those times the wind was fierce and flashed my undies to the world. I do try to wear those stretchy spandex shorts but my thighs are so fluffy that they roll up all the time so it's super uncomfortable! :c

    1. Oh, thanks! I think I like details in my outfits best :). No boring mono-coloured clothes for me, haha!

      I don't think I'm necessarily petite as I'm 5'4/165 cm. Can I ask how tall you are? And did you see me as tall or short through the photos?

      I wear the same shorts you mention and they end up rolling up and uncomfortable, too! I wonder if those people who design them ever ask their real clients about their experience... I bet something could be done to prevent this from happening :).

  3. It's all part of being human I suppose! But I do love, love you undo button. What a cute idea!