There's this utterly sweet and silly tune by a Polish singer whose popularity rose before the second world war, Mieczysław Fogg. You can listen to it here and I highly recommend doing so, if only for the endearing trali tralalla la, trali tralalla la bit sang in deep, manly baritone. The song tells the fate of one miss Janka who was a gramophone-o-maniac and would play her records all night long so loudly that the neighbours called the police on her. It all turns in her favor, though, because the officer happens to be one swell fella and he stays with her and they listen to the records together. In the night, no less.

I'm not entirly like miss Janka an no swell policemen visit me, but ever since I got a gramophone and a collection of my late Grandpa's records, I quite often indulge in listening to them on high volume, complete with singing along and bad quality dancing (I couldn't dance if my life depended on it). Most of the records are Polish tunes from 1950s or 1960s and they are either delighful or terrible. I'm having fun discovering the new to me, old songs, though, no matter the quality of the music.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a self-drafted pattern out of thrifted wool fabric.
Also wearing blouse and mary janes c/o Sammy Dress, old tights and thrifted wool sweater.
Photos by myself.



  1. What a sweet song! :D Me and and my boyfriend have several of these record players around the flat. He has quite the collection, although my dad's collection is more in my taste - old Queen records ftw! :D

    I love these photos - I like the high contrast, they feel very analog to me!

  2. for some french song about gramophone, you have "deutsche grammopho"n from Vincent Delerm