Femme wha--

I thought I'd give something new a shot. I tend to stick to my routine when choosing pieces to wear. I may like other kind of a blouse or a skirt but I generally stick to what I know. So this silk blouse has been sitting in my closet for about half a year before I decided to wear it. It's 100% silk and a found item which makes it super extra special. So I wanted to match other special things with it, like my favorite me-made skirt and these heavier shoes that I really like but never wear. And some make up. I was going for that strong effect, you know? Kinda femme fatale look. It kinda sounds silly now that I'm putting it in writing but it sounded like an adventure when I was putting together the look.

Well. I feel weird looking at the photos. I felt weird taking the photos, too. Like it's not really me or, more precisely, like I'm just playing dress up in someone else's clothes. Maybe it's the lipstick that's just too much or maybe it's the whole outfit but something feels off. Like... to strong, too mature, too striking. I don't think I'm like that.

I even almost shied away from showing these photos but then I showed them to my boyfriend and told him about my fears and he said "well, then you should write about that". I guess he was right. It's ok to show outfits that are more of a fail, too.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a self-drafted pattern, a found blouse, old loafers (similar), biker jacket, old scarf.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. I think it's still "you"! Just it looks like you're going somewhere lovely <3

  2. I still really like the outfit- but I completely understand that feeling of not feeling like yourself! Clothes can make such a difference, can't they?