Dear common flower

My post from yesterday about Virivee tights was but a prelude to today's outfit. Once I saw the dandelion print, it grabbed me and I easily succumbed. We weren't exchanging gifts for Christmas with my family this year (what a relief, really) and these were just a small end of the year present from me to me.

I'm not really sure how I'll be celebrating the New Year's Eve, what with all my friends insisting on having low key parties in pajamas and tracksuit pants. I honestly miss the earlier years of glamour and sequins and 1920s-themed parties' thrill but with none of those around, I may end up under my own covers, fast asleep. Or I may wear the most excessive outfit to one of those pajama parties and let no one judge me. After all, I believe we should all follow our own aesthetics. So who knows?

Wearing: a dress I made from vintage cotton flannel. Also wearing Virivee tights, old coat, scarf from Rossmann, thrifted cardigan, moon necklace, old ring, boots c/o Rosegal.

I took the photos myself.



  1. Dmuchawce, latawce, wiatr i nostalgia za minionym latem. A jego ślad na pończoszce.

  2. I can totally relate to your feelings of wanting a glamorous New Year's Party! All of my friends were having pajama parties, but I wore a sparkly necklace and headband and silk blouse for a festive look.
    I love your coat here too, by the way. It is such a classic and elegant style.
    The Artyologist