Brand Spotlight: Virivee


Virivee is a brand born in Budapest, Hungary, specializing in tights. And when I say specializing, I mean being truly awesome and imaginative. If you have a need to carry a green garden with you everywhere you go, they have it. Want to be a mermaid? No problem, the golden scales are on menu. Have a friend to scare in the dark with a group of glowing ghosts? Up for it. Ot maybe just a pair of highly saturated ombre tights to add to a seriously stylish outfit? They carry those, of course, as well as a whole range of other designs, complete with space explorers and tiny monsters and origami birds.

Aside from this whole uniqueness, Virivee tights are hand-dyed and hand-printed locally in Budapest, and they are made with locally sourced materials. Always a huge plus in my book when I see a brand that cares about the ethical side of things.

On a side note, I think you can easily imagine how I squealed when I saw the dandelion print tights (and how promptly I added them to my basket). Now that the tights arrived, I'm impressed with their quality: they are very strong and super soft and I can't remember seeing a pair of tights looking this good that wasn't at the same time 100 den in a very long while. They are my Christmas present from me to me and I couldn't be happier about my choice.


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