A way to start the day

So we've hit the harsh months of late autumn when everything turns gloomy. Personally I like autumn best of all the seasons. Even this dark, rainy moment of early December has its charm: this melancholy that's so easy to attune to. Oh, the long evenings spent on sitting on the bed and staring into nothingness! So exciting! Late autumn blues is the best, so rich in flavor, so angry and passionate! No better time to get depressed than now, am I right?

Anyway, I am convinced this is one of the worst times to take photos. This, and early spring. Naked branches, ghastly colour of the sky and of the ground, desaturated everything... no, there's just nothing appealing about this time of the year when it comes to taking photos for a personal style blog. I fight with bright coloured clothes, naturally, like this sweater or my old burgundy coat, but it's really futile. I'm just a drop of colour in this overwhelming world of greyish midtones, an error really more than anything.

Even in the streets everyone's suddenly decided to wear black exclusively. Good thing some people still have enough joy left in them to smile at a colurfully clad stranger with a scarf in her hair (that one was inspired by Clara Bow, by the way, and my growing irritation with my fringe). I secretly and selfishly like to think that I sometimes make someone's life brighter with just the way I look, with a simple choice I make in the morning.

Wearing a skirt I made from self-drafted pattern and a headscarf I made myself. Also: sweater c/o Shein, scarf from local market, moon necklace, old ankle shoes, old coat.

All photos by myself.



  1. I can see why you LOVE this sweater because I am swooning over it! Yellow with navy is so perfect:)

  2. REWELACJA> Bardzo przypadła mi Twoja propozycja!
    Jak zawsze uroczo i z gustem!

  3. I thought you looked like Clara Bow as soon as I saw the first picture! I'm one of those people who tends to wear black all year long, but I'm almost always smiling, so it makes up for it :)

  4. ten bordowy kolor świetnie do ciebie pasuje ;)

  5. Wyglądasz jak zwykle świetnie w takich kolorach. A Clara Bow może przetarła szlaki, ale zawsze jak widzę kogoś z szalikiem/apaszką na głowie to w pierwszej kolejności myślę o Blumce :)