The Crystal Palace Gardens

Parks and city gardens are among my favorite places to visit when I go to see another town. So far, the top of my list was occupied by Parc Guell in Barcelona but I think after visiting the Crystal Palace Gardens in Porto, I will have to review my favorites. This park is honestly like no other. Filled with many different themed gardens, it features a labyrinth, a number of fairy-tale stone towers and lovely fountains and ponds as well as some totally wild and untamed spots. There is also a rose garden where we took the photos for yesterday's post, that had some flowers still blooming in November!

We spent a few hours lazily exploring the different bits of the park. Since it is placed on a tall hill, we enjoyed a while at the viewing terrace, eating a sandwich and observing the city from above. Later on we had coffee and a muffin in a cafe by the dome that's located at the entrance to the park.

A surprising thing that had us explore the park for the first time when we got there in the evening, was the lack of exits! Or anyway we had trouble finding one for a better part of an hour. But that, I think, only adds to the charm of the gardens: you end up wandering the grounds, slightly lost and stumbling upon surprising constructions and plant arrangements that seem to be sending you away to completely different lands and times.


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