Finding balance

Time for the big reveal: I've been wearing more jeans lately. It started with wearing them around the house when I work and when I do chores (skirts can get in the way) but now I also wear them out of home more and more often. It's a nice change, I think. I'd been restricting myself to only wearing skirts and dresses for a long while now, just to feel like my personal style is consistent and continuous --but as it turned out, in the end there was no logic to this thinking. Through the last year I've been feeling a nagging need to change something about my style but I couldn't wrap my head around what exactly that was supposed to be. I may have finally found my answer.

I guess this is it: nowadays I like to compose my outfits around balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of my clothes. As you may have noticed, when I wear a skirt, I often put it together with a shirt blouse because it adds some needed sharpness to the final look. Now, with trousers added to items in everyday rotation, I can wear feminine tops like this one and not cringe at the thought of it being overly cute and girly. I think with the realisation of that tension between the feminine and the masculine qualities in clothes, I have finally arrived at the right place and can be creative with my clothes again. It's so good to get rid of a block in any area of life, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

I am wearing old jeans, thrifted blazer, Clarks mary-janes and blouse c/o SammyDress.
Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. I really like the combination of the pretty embroidered shirt with the jeans! It's always nice to try new things and challenge yourself in your wardrobe.
    The Artyologist

  2. I LOVE your blouse! Such gorgeous details, a truly lovely outfit.