And now, for a change of pace, let's have another installment of bloopers! Also known as funny outtakes from blog posts. I usually post them on instagram (often in my stories) which may be a legit reason to follow me on there. But you can also take a look here for the first time I gathered enough photographic evidence to my general clumsiness and goofiness.

So, without any further ado, have a peek behind the scenes and see my prettiest photoshoots instantly lose all their grace.

Fighting insects.

Accidentally stepping into something and/or tripping.

Having a hair accessory flown off the head.

Chasing said accessory.

Apparently trying to dislocate head.

Pretending to have fun because *things* you so funny!

Being generally goofy and having a cartoon leg.

Thank you. That's enough for now. Lights off please.


  1. Haha this made me smile, you're so cute :)

  2. :D adore the cartoony leg! I always love the Goofy pics!!!

    Schmoedraws here ^^

  3. Adorable!!!!

  4. I love these blooper series! We always show our serious "posed" shots for outfits but forget these sorts of things happen all the time behind the scene. This post made me smile. You're so adorable!

  5. Love it! I always have a bunch of these and have shown some on my blog before too. :)
    The Artyologist