We call it fall

Plaid wool skirt available in my shop Apple Thief.
I honestly can't with this weather. It's been 30 C and now, suddenly and without any warning or gradation, it's 3! I feel like we've skipped a whole month here. It feels freezing without any in-between moment to get used to lowering temperatures. I wonder when it's going to start snowing here in the city. I hear it already is in the mountains.

Now, you must understand how much of a disappointment this is for me. I basically live for indian summer. I don't care much for the rest of the seasons but give me my month of fresh air and reasonable sun and reddning leaves and gossamer and cool --but not freezing --evenings and I'm good to live for another year. There should be this smell in the air now that makes me think of my teenage years and, granted, they were the absolute worst but still! I could ditch school and play vagrant in the forest! I seriously can't ditch anything now. There's nothing to ditch. I miss that. Then there should be the sound of birds flocking in the sky to make those weird fast-moving semi-transparent clouds. And there should be my trips to the mountains, ones which help me keep my sanity in check. Heck, this is the only time in a year when I would tan and not turn red. Oh, it really is the best of seasons! There's so much life in all this glorious passing that it makes me finally feel like I, too, am alive, maybe for the first time in a year. So, if the weather doesn't come to its senses, these might be my last moments and soon I will be saying my last goodbyes. Yes! I confess: I am a drama queen. And this is the drama of losing my golden autumn.

I'm wearing a Plaid wool skirt available in my shop Apple Thief. Also: thrifted blouse and purse, vintage thrifted oxfords and New Look biker jacket.
I took the photos myself.



  1. That's the perfect plaid skirt. I've been hoping to find a wool skirt exactly like this beauty!