Some enchanted evening

The time passes unbelievably fast. I made this dress in early June, I think, or maybe late May and it feels like two weeks ago. It's hard to realize October is already here. I remember wearing this dress one unbearably hot summer evening to a bonfire by the river. We sat on a fallen tree and talked some real talks, the ones you are probably only able to have on wild riverbanks when the sun is setting and while having a beer and wiping the sweat off your forehead because it's so damn humid and warm and you can't help but pray the heat lessens in an hour or two. Then some more people joined and we talked less real talks and laughed and gave a pensive look or two before they left. Then we drank some more beer and talked more real talks under the full moon. And despite the sunset and the moonrise it wasn't a magical night and it wasn't one filled with romance, it was just sincere and open and rare and worth remembering.

So I'm not the biggest fan of this dress but I was wearing it a lot this summer because it's comfy and I like the fabric. I made it based on the same pattern as the crop top I recently wrote about. The changes I made were simple: I narrowed the blouse pattern by about 5 cm in the front and in the back and re-drew the neckline in the front and in the back. The back neck opening has ties that keep the dress in place. I added a skirt part which is a simple rectangle with pockets. After trying the dress on, I added ties as an afterthought. It was supposed to be very loose and that's how it is but the ties help give it a bit more shape. I would have liked it better in a less flowy fabric, though. I used this lovely vintage block printed rayon that I'd had for years and never knew what to use it for. As it turns out, this may not have been the best idea I've ever had but at the end of the day not all is lost. When inspiration hits, I can easily dismantle this dress and make a separate top out of the bodice and something else from the skirt part.

I am wearing a dress I made from vintage rayon.
Also: thrifted denim jacket, vintage thrifted backpack, Kopi necklace, mint&berry flats.
Photos by my boyfriend.


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