I made my clothes

Last week was Fashion Revolution Week and while I'm not big on any sort of seasonal blog posts, it was very important to me. If you're wondering why, you can read my thoughts on current state of fashion industry in this post. But even though the week has ended, I don't want this topic to cease to exist on my blog. I think as fashion/style bloggers, we have a huge responsibility towards other people: to educate and inform. I am well aware that blogging about style isn't one-dimensional. As fashion bloggers, we wear stuff that is pretty, we point out interesting trends, we inspire searching for personal style (or so I hope) which are all nice and good things, but at the same time, there is a darker side to all this. We make people want to buy more clothes. In a world where there is already too much conspumption at the expense of other people's wellbeing, I feel like creating this need for more and for new is certainly not the best I can offer. What do I do about this?

Well, my first instinct was to go on a no-shopping pledge --which I did eight months ago. And that didn't work out very well. I did, in fact, make some purchases a few months in. I never bought anything from chain stores/fast fashion brands, though, which was my most general aim, and I don't think I will buy there again. I have no interest in that and browsing thrift shops/vintage stores is much more exciting for me.

I don't intend to carry on with the non-shopping pledge as it was, because shopping has already occured. I want to observe my behaviour, though, and try to understand when and why I am drawn to buying clothes for the remainder of this year. I think the results will be interesting and I'll make sure to share my first fieldnotes with you soon. So this might be a little something that I can do about this over-consumption problem: I can analyze it.

Even when I had not been shopping, new pieces made their way into my wardrobe as I was busy sewing. These are the clothes that give me the most joy and satisfaction and ones that I really want to wear time and time again. This enthusiasm for making clothes --that's something I can share, too. Sewing is so easy that anyone can try. And I'm pretty sure many will get hooked.

Another thing that I'm actually already doing but need to focus on more, is remixing my clothes. This shows how differently one piece can be styled, and it allows me to fall in love with my old clothes time and again. I never was the wear-once-and-throw-out kind of girl and styling clothes multiple ways is entertaining so I want to give that more space on my blog.

So, it's all of this, and more talk about sustainable/fast fashion dynamic, naturally, becasue I think these are the most important informations.

Still, at the most basic level, this is a style blog where I show my clothes. No amount of remixing, sewing and talking about ethics of fashion will change anything if someone comes here just for the eye-candy. I get it. But if there is a chance that someone will read something I wrote and pause and reconsider their choices, I am going to work my ass off, trying to get the message across.