A few truths

1. This is a test drive skirt. I chose a thick corduroy for it. Is corduroy back in style already? I'd been hearing about it making a come back for years now. Anyway, I picked this blue piece that I liked enough to keep if the skirt turned out wereable but knew I wouldn't worry if my pattern failed. I'm kinda in between. I think I want it a bit more flared, closer to an A-shape. This skirt stays as is. I think my hips look humongous in it but it's very comfortable.

2. The blouse is made from vintage rayon/viscose that I forgot to pre-wash before sewing. It shrunk in one direction only and got even more cropped than it originally was. Also, when I was finishing it at about 2 a.m. and after about three consecutive attempts with a weirdly stiff bias tape, I couldn't be bothered to finish the neckline properly anymore, so a part of the bias binding isn't stitched down. I will probably replace it with nice facing later on. Probably.

3. While we were taking these photos, our dog cut her side (we're presuming she clashed with a boar) and we nervously hurried to the vet's to have her stitched up. We were taking the photos before the accident happened and then while waiting for the vet to call us and tell us we can take her home. I was trying my best not to look nervous. Don't worry, she's fine now and recovering well.

4. My boyfriend, The Fish, bought me a riveter and I'm in heaven, best gift ever. I feel so empowered while operating this heavy machinery.

5. While in the photos it may look all spring-y, in reality it's very mixed and mostly ugly. The vegetation is still more than half asleep, you can see all the winter trash laying everywhere and only a few bushes and trees bloom with early flowers. We struggled for a few hours to find a good spot that would provide decent looking photos. I think we only succeeded half way.

I'm wearing stuff I made from vintage and thrifted fabrics, and some other stuff.

*All photos by my boyfriend.