Style tips: On neutrals

Do you ever get so excited about a piece of clothing that you wear it everyday? I know I do. There's no excuse for that except that when something brings me joy, I don't want to let go of it. So this skirt, after I sewed it up, went with me wherever I've been for a week at least. And, surprisingly, I was wearing it differently every day. I had no idea a skirt like this would work like a neutral piece. You live and learn.

What do I have in mind when I say "neutral"? Well, there are these kinds of clothes that you can wear with almost anything, I'm sure you have them in your closet. Non-invasive, simple things like a black skirt or a pair of blue jeans or a white shirt. You can wear a printed tee with your jeans as well as a tailored shirt and a suit jacket --and they'll play as a background for the rest of your outfit. They are a base: the invisible kind of clothes. They serve the purpose of bringing the attention to other, more interesting pieces in your outfit. You wear them because, according to our society's rules, you need to cover yourself --which can be a very sublime way to express yourself, but that's a topic for another time. Neutrals usually have simple shapes and are made in solid colours, and usually non-invasive ones, like black, grey, white or navy blue. At the most basic level, neutrals tend to be no-brainers, meaning they are designed to go well with pretty much everything else in yout closet.

But. It seems that a standard formula for a neutral is just that: a standard. It doesn't mean only the clothes that fit within its confines can be neutrals. As with everything else, you need to apply this formula to your own clothing rules and see what happens.

In the case of this skirt, it only matches one prerequisite of a neutral: its shape is a very simple A-line that doesn't require any special styling exertions. Other than that, though, it's got a quirky heart-shaped pocket, it's got a plaid pattern and the colour isn't what everyone would call a neutral: it's a medium shade of brown and orange. A warm coloured skirt is something that I can easily match with my other warm toned items, like a beige sweater and a crimson jacket and tights. I can also play down the warm tones and make the skirt a central piece, like I did last time, when I chose to wear it with even more neutral neutrals (if that makes any sense). So, basically, I think a neutral piece of clothing is something that fits within your wardrobe so well that you can wear it multiple ways and never repeat yourself (not that there's anything wrong with repeating a good outfit!) and always feel it's fresh.

I feel more outfits featuring this skirt are in order to better illustrate my point in this post. Stay tuned!

I'm wearing: a skirt that I made of thick, vintage wool, an old sweater and tights, found shoes and scarf and a jacket and a purse that were gifts from my boyfriend.

*All photos by my boyfriend, Bartek.