Dancing at sundown

This dress was definitely made for dancing, and that is what I was attempting when we were taking these photos. I am a terrible dancer, admittedly, as anyone who had ever tried to dance with me will be quick to confirm. I just won't let anyone take the lead which, in turn, leads to confusion and treading on toes and hurt feelings and other such unpleasant things. It makes me half proud and half ashamed, you know, because somewhere in there, there is a good deal of solid mischief. Still, I enjoy dancing on my own, although perhaps not in the middle of a muddy field with my feet only shod (shod! What a word!) in a pair of flats and getting tangled in the weeds twisting on the ground. It was silly and funny, though.

I found the pattern for the dress that I'm wearing in one of my early 1960s sewing magazines that featured carnival costumes. It was a simple a-line dress with flared sleeves and some weird rectangles and triangles sewn on as, apparently, the costume was supposed to be Geometry. I can't believe how nonsensical this carnival season stuff can be, especially in the 1950s and 1960s magazines --it goes dangerously close to being straight ridiculous. I like that, actually, and I draw a lot of inspiration from there. The geometric ornaments might have been weird but the shape of the dress itself was promising: a simple tent dress with no shaping around the waist. I lengthened the dress because it was way too short (and it still is quite short!) and added a peter pan collar because I'm totally hooked on those nowadays. I used vintage wool crepe that I've recently thrifted. I love wool crepe, it's such an elegant fabric with its subtle sheen and visible structure. And, uh, yeah, plaid was obviously my first choice because I've been, ahem, mad for plaid as of late, as you can probably tell from a lot of my recent posts. Oh, and on a side note, earing one colour from head to toe is a very 1960s thing but it seems a little daring for our current tastes. That's precisely why I chose to do it and check how I deal with it. I did well.

I'm wearing a dress I made myself, a pair of Mel by Melissa flats, old tights and ancient shorts. The pin is vintage and found on Etsy.

*All photos by my boyfriend, Bartek.

Zaraz będzie i po polsku. Angielską wersję skończyłam tuż przed 3 w nocy, a teraz rozsądek podpowiada, by iść już spać.