One last post from the last year before I get to wrapping up my outfits for 2015... So this is about a piece that gives me headaches. 

Some clothes are troublesome for me. I have these deeply ingrown ideas about them that seem to make me unable to easily wear them. No matter how many great inspirations I see with those pieces featured, once I try to recreate them, I feel weird and like a fish out of the water. A black pencil skirt is definitely one of those pieces. I've seen it worn casually as well as more officially. It can so easily appear elegant or plain on others. But when I put one on... I get the feeling of ugh. Like I'm wearing a coffin or something. I don't mind pencil skirts --in fact, one of my favorite skirts is this pencil one and I hope to soon be able to wear it again (eh-hum, additional post-christmas inches, heh-hum).

Looking at this outfit in the photos, I see something that is not too shabby and generally acceptable. BUT. I can remember feeling awkward. Like I don't know how to walk properly or like I look mis-proportioned or something (and that lining showing definitely wasn't helping --I need to fix that). Generally I may be afraid that I look old. No, I mean, I may look like an adult. You know? Like I'm a grown up, mature person. Only grown up, mature people wear black pencil skirts. Those confident, gorgeous women who ace their life and work and relationships. So, in fact, maybe this black skirt feels like playing dress up? Like wearing my mother's proverbial high heels when I was a kid (proverbial, because my mother never wore high heels that I could try on as a five-year-old)?

While I think I'm kinda tired of my flared skirts and dresses, I still am not ready to move on to formally grown-up clothes. (So I got a yellow pin with a little mouse and raccoon face mittens to balance it out a bit.)

Skirt: I think it was a gift but really, no idea where it came from.
Blazer: thrifted
Sweater: found
Shirt: thrifted
Boots: Zign
Scarf: found
Hat: local shop/Hala Kopińska
Mittens: C&A
Pin: vintage from Soviet Dreams shop on Etsy

*Photos by my boyfriend, Bartek.



  1. I understand what you mean. I felt that way when I was in my first professional job. Also, I feel that way about Navy blue blazers. :)

  2. Bardzo łądnie Ci w takim zestawieniu!
    Idealny kolor do Twojej karnacji!

    Zapraszam do siebie!

  3. I think this outfit is lovely, and your makeup is beautiful!