The Silly Little Horse Skirt

I made this skirt from a pattern that I found in a summer 1969 issue of Świat Mody or 'World of Fashion' --a magazine that had been published in then-socialist Poland after the second world war up till independence and was a window to the Western fashion world, full of photos of designer clothes from the freshest runway collections. It is important to understand that Western trends weren't seen as something worth promoting by socialist ruling parties --and yet, fashion in Poland was going strong and publishers were going to great lengths to let people see what currently was in vogue. So, in addition to all the eyecandy smuggled in each issue, 'World of fashion' also included a few patterns for the most contemporary everyday fashions. It still feels great to look through those magazines (I have a small collection now). Their design was impeccable and the photos within are still a source of endless inspiration.

I made this simple wrap skirt from a lovely, drapey wool tweed that proved a bit difficult to hem. I first turned it under twice and finished with a slipstitch --and the underside was showing as a ridge on the right side. I went and ripped my stitches, and re-hemmed using blind stitch in hopes that it wouldn't show... and it still did, although less. I probably could have gone with a single turn and a bias binding and then a catchstitch but I was already too impatient for that. I ripped my stitching again and simply used a double sided fusible tape for the hem and cut off the excess fabric. It's pretty much ok now. I'm a little ashamed of my actions as I'd rather do it the proper way but... you know, sometimes enough is enough. 

Also, while I was looking for my fusible tape, I found a silly little horse applique and decided it was quite adorable. Is it childish? Yes. Do I like it? Yes. On the skirt it went. If I find it too ridiculous later on, I'll sew a patch pocket to cover it up. I feel this simple skirt needs some detail in the front anyway. It's a comfy piece otherwise and I feel it will go with many clothes from my wardrobe since the colour is rather unobtrusive. I went all matchy-matchy this time, adding all the burnt orange stuff I could find, just to create an ultimate autumn outfit.

Po polsku za chwilę.

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Skirt: made it myself
Pattern: Świat Mody, summer 1969
Fabric: wool tweed, thrifted
Jacket: Bershka
Blouse: vintage, a gift from my Mum
Tights: old
Bag: mint&berry via Zalando
Scarf: Voegele, old
Hairband: a gift from Rags and Silks
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  1. Faktycznie super! Piękne zdjęcia! Uchwyciłaś na nich cudowną, choć już szarzejącą jesień i wiele radości :)

  2. Aww the horse patch is adorable! I think it gives the skirt a little something extra ;)

  3. Super look. bardzo ładnie w Ci w takim kolorze!

  4. Tyle radości dzisiaj u Ciebie, że trudno oczu oderwać :)
    Konik na spódniczce nie jest wcale dziecinny, jak dla mnie jest tak uroczy i tak magiczny, że chętnie chciałąbym miec takie aplikacje na swoich spódnicach. Trudne miałaś do wykonania zadanie, nie mam pojęcia o szyciu, wic te sprawy techniczne mnie przerastają, ale poradziłaś sobie świetnie :) Miałam kiedys taki fason, skomplikowany. A te rajstopy dodają smaczku :)
    Kolejny raz wzdycham patrząc na Twoje zdjęcia, podziwiam ta jesień i wiesz, ja tez ją tak widzę, tylko często nie potrafię uchwycić. Buźki

  5. Oh, what a cute little skirt, it's adorable! I especially like that you put this horse application on it :-)