Remix: the beige wool sweater and why you should give wool a try

Outfits (clockwise) 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I'm not big on basic pieces in my wardrobe (as evidenced by all the crazy patterned stuff I'm wearing all the time and also seen in most of the photos above). When I do get a decent basic piece, though, it feels like a breath of fresh air. It's the case of the beige sweater that I bought in Mango two years ago or something. Still, not your basic basic. It's melange, meaning the colour isn't even but speckled by small dots of differently coloured material and it's spotted with small metal golden dots. The other characteristics are basic, though: it's made of wool, neutral in colour and a simple, kinda boxy shape which I like.

Outfit 5.

I consider "woolen" a trait that should apply to basic stuff because:

  • it's good in all the seasons: it will keep you warm in winter and breezy in the spring.
  • if it's good quality, it's going to last forever
  • it doesn't get permanently smelly with time as is the case with artificial and synthetic fibres so it will last forever and you don't need to throw it out
  • you don't need to wash it. You can leave it at dry cleaners but there is really no need to. It's enough to air it from time to time or when a smell sticks to it. I only washed this sweater once in the whole time that I had it, and I did it by hand (you shouldn't wash wool pieces in your machine. I mean it, please, don't, you'll do youself a favor. Wool doesn't like water too much and it gets stiff and shrinks in high temperatures.)  During that time I wore it, among other things, to three days of sitting by the bonfire, and the smell of the bonfire was gone completely after one day when I left the sweater on my balcony to air it.
  • wool is really the coolest fibre out there. It's elegant, it's nice to touch (when good quality), it's comfortable, it's indestructible and easy to manage when treated right. You really should wear it.

I've only shown this favorite sweater five times on the blog but I wear it all the time. Literally. I wear it so much that it now has a hole on one elbow that I need to darn and then sew a patch on (I will add patches to both elbows, don't worry).


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  1. High five on that "crazy pattern" obsession! Right there with you, Klara!
    This sweater looks so nice on you. It goes with everything, doesn't it? Especially love the outfit on the bottom right. Which one's your favourite?
    Also, I have a question: What should I do if I spill something on a wool clothing item?

    Alive as Always