Scout chic

*Click here to see the updated version of the skirt I'm wearing in this post!*

Lately, I've been experimenting stylistically a bit. I've been wearing different types of skirts and changing the silhouette slightly, checking out what works for me. Sometimes tiny details like wearing a blouse untucked instead of my typical tucked-in style make a stiking difference in my mind. Also my hair is now long enough to play around with updos and I went with this braided style that I'd liked for years. 

These experiments don't necessarily bring me to any new places; I already know what I like. They serve more as a sort of a distraction from my usual dressing routine. But thanks to them, I actually have begun to like those less fluffy a-line shapes and I want to sew some. This doesn't mean I've now abandoned my typical skater dress silhouette --although I do now seem to want to incorporate more varied pieces in my wardrobe. 

Another upside of my experiments is that I have found out there is one style I tend to gravitate towards, and quite unintentionally so: the silhouettes, colours and fabrics remind me vaguely of scout uniforms. It is so intuitive it's really weird. Especially that I'd never been a scout myself. Stylistically though, I love my tall boots and well fitted coats --they are extremly comfortable and provide excellent shelter from the current weather. I also like the overall modesty of my clothes: never showing too much but always accentuating my feminine shape. (I also like tweed stuff. Really, anything tweed had always grabbed my attention and this doesn't seem to change. So this wool tweed skirt is a dream.) I like to combine skirts with shirts a lot. While it may not be groundbreaking, I feel fine with these qualities of my current shift in style and if I'm really doing the scout chic --I'm a proud advocate for it.

Po polsku niebawem!

Jacket: Top Secret, old
Cardigan: Top Secret, old
Shirt: gift from a friend
Skirt: vintage, homemade, refashioned by me
Belt: vintage, thrifted
Boots: Wojas
Purse: L'Artigiano
Tights: ?
Scarf: a piece of wool
Camera: Olympus Pen EE-S

*Photos by my boyfriend, The Fish.

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  1. Moja pierwsza myśl: nosiłabym. Zdarza mi się to w przypadku 1-2% outfitów, jakie widzę na blogach, co mówi samo za siebie.
    Nie jestem pewna, czy przywodzi mi to na myśl harcerski szyk, ale na pewno jest to zestaw bardzo elegancki. Ile bym dała za tę koszulę...
    Cieszę się, że kontynuujesz trend serduszkowych kieszonek!

  2. ładnie

  3. Prezentujesz taki styl, w którym czułam się najlepiej jeszcze kilka lat temu. Dzisiaj nie nosze już takich sweterków, jednak chętnie sięgam po takie kroje i materiały spódnic, rzadziej koszule, ale jednak. Pięknie wygladasz, bardzo pasuje Ci to retro. I warkocze :)) Pozdrawiam

  4. That's a very pretty look, I think this of style suits you very well! I think it's a fun thing to notice ones interests in style or more general taste are shifting, and I love it even more when it comes with this kind of aha moment of suddenly understanding why I suddenly like or dislike certain things :-)

  5. Ostatnie foto jest piękne - jak malowane. Jak obrazek :)