Remix: wearing a white blouse through the seasons

Outfits 1 and 2.

My wardrobe tends to be a bit season-mixed. Sure, I will hide my sweaters when summer comes and bring out my coloured tights when autumn approaches, but most of my items stay the same through all the seasons. Like white bloses, of which I seem to have a number of, in different versions. They are just so versatile and easy to wear both solo and layered! Here's how I've worn some of them.

Outfits 3 and 4.

The first two blouses, the embroidered batiste one and the pink bow one, I wore in the high heat of the summer and on cooler days in spring. As they are sleeveless and short-sleeved, their appeal in the summer is great. I also like that they are on the loose side of things which makes them airy and nicely cool in hot weather. Layering them is easy: just pick any other things that go together well. White is such a great colour --everything will match it.

Outfits 5 and 6.

This white blouse printed in tiny flowers that I got from my Granny is a piece that I like to wear when the weather calls for longer sleeves. In the summer it's good when I roll them up and in winter I was good with a cardigan and a woolen jacket on top. You can also see that it's so easy to wear it both with solid colours and with prints. I tend to choose busier looking outfits but from time to time, it's enough to add a black skirt or shorts and I'm good to go.