I made a wedding dress #2

Some time ago I had a great pleasure to sew another wedding dress (you can see the first one here). I suggested a lovely 1957 pattern to the bride and she was happy to accept it. I actually made that dress for myself first, to test for all the quirks of the pattern and it turned out very pretty --on both of us! The design is very smart and elegant.

We decided upon a beautiful wool crepe fabric that I'd had. It sewed up beautifully but, as it turned out, there was not enough of it for the whole dress! And as it was a vintage fabric, there was no way I could get more of it. My client suggested I use a contrasting colour wool for the ties in the back and it was a brilliant idea that I think made the dress even more special.

Naturally, we had some trouble with the dress! Right after I finished making it and gave it to my client, she tried it on and it ripped under the arms! Dolman sleeves (cut as a whole with the bodice) can do that to you. Back to me it came and I went on to insert underarm gussets --which I should have done in the first place, really, when I was elongating the sleeves (they were just cap sleeves in the original pattern). You live and learn! I'm so thankful my client was so patient with me. I'm sure she had a moment of horror when she heard the seams ripping but she didn't say a word to me. Luckily, we still had a week left before the wedding so it wasn't really all that terrifying.

I must say sewing for others has been the most pleasant things --work related --I've experienced in many years. My clients are the loveliest people! I get really blushy when they thank me after my work is done. And taking photos for them later is another great thing to do!

Po polsku za chwilę!

Dress: made it myself
Pattern: Flotte Kleidung, early 1950s
Fabric: vintage wool crepe

*Photos: my boyfriend, The Fish, and me.

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  1. I love that you're making wedding dresses for some brides! I love them! They're unique and non-traditional and awesome! I am so glad you worked through the challenges on this one, it's perfection! The bride looks amazing!

  2. Rety, suknia ślubna robi wrażenie, przede wszystkim tym, że nie jest kopią setek innych, a dopasowana z taką gracją i elegancją, że miło patrzeć. Piękna para, cudowne zdjęcia.

  3. That's really amazing, I wish I could do something like that!


  4. Sukienka wspaniała ! Przyćmiewa ją tylko wdzięk Panny Młodej :)))

  5. What a beautiful dress! And the bride looks radiant! Great job :D

  6. Ta wełna wygląda prześlicznie! Tak gładko i szlachetnie. Granatowy pasek faktycznie dodał smaczku, dobra robota! ;)
    Marzę o uszyciu sukni ślubnej, ale kiedyś, dla siebie ;)