Another way of acquiring clothes

You will find that in the small captions at the end of each outfit post, some of my clothes I label as "found". And by that, I mean they really are found. Sometimes when I find a hat on a bus stop or a scarf laying in the street, I will take them with me. I figure, people will go back searching for a lost phone or purse but a piece of clothing is far less important and we just let it go. So, if it remains there in the street, either someone picks it up or it will eventually land in the dumpster. I, for one, am a picker uper.

So, today, I have two "founds" on me: the scarf which I took with me from the street a year ago and I love it to death, it's so warm and soft; and the shorts I found in a big bag along with other treats which someone left by the dumpster, obviously deciding to let others pick on this delicious prey. I know, it might sound distasteful to bring home stuff found by the dumpster but just think about it: these clothes were in someone's wardrobe just an hour or two ago. If you were offered to open the closet and pick and choose whatever you wanted, you probably wouldn't have hesitated. So, just the fact that they were thrown out means nothing. It's just our fear of things being out of place that makes us think that something left by the dumpster is probably yucky and dirty and smelly. And that bag was full of lovely, clean and fresh smelling clothes: items of good quality (cashmere cardigan, Zara shorts, Koton sweater and Mango jacket anyone?) and in perfect shape. Seriously, finding all this stuff felt like Christmas. It'll take me a long time to show you all the clothes that I'd found --also including some refashions.

So, dumpster-diving looks like a valid way to bring forth happiness --and clothes!

Po polsku za chwilę!

Trench coat: Vila
Sweater: thrifted, George
Shorts: found, Zara
Blouse: thrifted, Atmosphere
Scarf: found
Tights: ?
Socks: Moraj via Allegro
Boots: Wojas
Necklace: Allegro
Purse: L'Artigiano

Photos by me.



  1. bardzo ładnie, chociaż nie jestem fanką czarnych rajstop i krótkich spodenek to ten zastaw bardzo mi się podoba! :)

  2. Very interesting! In Spain people don't usually throw 2 things: books and clothes. Books are usually stacked somewhere near the bin, never inside, just in case someone is interested (and they are!). As to clothes, I have seen large sacks full of used clothes, and people around them searching through the content as if it were a market stall. Not to mention the furniture: there are special days to dump furniture in the street, and everybody knows that if you are faster than the lorry collecting them, you can have a second hand desk/bookcase/chair/wardrobe. I remember taking once a still-good desk, which someone put right in front of my door!

  3. jestem Twoją fanką haha :D wyglądasz super !!

  4. Dzisiaj prezentujesz sie w zestawie raczej późnojesiennym, ale nie ma się co dziwić, ranki i wieczory są koszmarnie zimne ( chociaż to słowo nie jest adekwatne, bo przecież jeszcze zima przed nami). Malownicze zdjęcia :)
    Ja nie widze niczego złego w takim zdrowym recyklingu ciuchowym. Jak w czymś nie chodzę, to przynajmniej z tego skorzysta ktokolwiek inny- chociaz rzeczy staram się nie gubić ;) Ale też chętnie skorzystałabym z takiej okazji podarunkowej rzeczy dobrej jakości.

  5. I love everything about this post! I'm a "finder" too ❤️

  6. Another thing we have common, Klara ;)
    Although, personally, I wouldn't go so far as to dumpster dive for an item of clothing. If it happens to catch my eye, sure, I would probably try to grab it to see if it fits me, especially if the style is to my liking. But, otherwise, I think I wouldn't look - except in thrift stores, but that's a different matter.

    Alive as Always

  7. Those things would end up in the bin anyway, probably, if you didn't pick them up.
    But your post made me think of a beloved hat that I left on the bus once. I'm still looking for the same hat but I haven't been able to find one like it. So I'd say if you find things like that on buses or places where people could trace them back, try giving it to the driver or the lost and found office. As I did ring them but they never found the hat :(
    If it's on the streets on the other hand, it's fair game!