Vintage Tuesday: Flotte Kleidung from 1950s

This magazine came as a surprise. I had never heard about it before I bought it and I didn't really know what it would offer because there wasn't much to be seen in the item's description on the auction where I'd found it. But I was curious enough to bid and buy. And that happened to be a great choice. 

Flotte Kleidung may seem less on the outside than most of my usual crushes like Burda and Neuer Schnitt --because it isn't published on quality paper and has half the pages --but it offers as much if not more. The designs inside are outstanding and very original. I love all the quirky details like gathers in weird places and tabs and button closures where you least expect them. Just look at the construction of the bodices here! It's way different from your usual two-dart close fitting bodice with U- or V-shaped neckline. For example, the red bow-printed dress on page 12 has the most peculiar construction --and what a treat it is! This is precisely what I'm looking for in those magazines: designs that come across as ingenious because I would not have thought of them myself, no matter how much creative I would get. But this... this teaches a lot. And I like to learn. In fact, I learn best through imitation. So I'm going to imitate and sew some of these when I get more time. Just for practice. Oh, and for the lovely dresses to add to my closet, that too.

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