Inspiration Thursday: Loly in the Sky

I have found this shoe brand through another blog and fell in love instantly. That happens a lot when it comes to shoes. But I've not only liked the shoes but also the idea behind the brand: the shoes are designed by Lorena Vazquez --a graduate in Fashion studies --who started the brand. The shoes are all hand made in Mexico and judging by the many photos and all the love they receive --they are made with care and to last.

I especially like the image of Loly in the Sky because the shoes are just so cute and whimsical and... well, flat. I prefer flats on my feet and those here suit me perfectly: the idea, the sense of humour, the design, everything just clicks with me. I love those simple drawings --they look as if someone was customizing their simple flats with a marker pen. I remember doing this sort of customizations to my sneakers at primary school... but that was far from the darling vibe that Loly's shoes have!

All photos (c) Loly in the Sky.