Fool that I am

Do you know these days when everything seems to be upside down and no matter how you struggle to make them upright again, you cannot succeed? Well, I've been having them a lot lately and try as I may, I can't seem to find my way out. Work has been piling up to the point when I feel paralyzed when I start one thing because I feel in the mean time others are being neglected. That state always makes me unhappy and I feel like I'm suffocating. It will pass, I know. I try to remain calm, no matter what. 

By the way, this might be the very first time that I appear on this blog wearing pants. It's a thing I have: for some reason I drift to trousers in times of stress. Ok, so they're printed with florals but they're still trousers. Maybe my more manly side is taking a hold of me in such moments?

Also, as you might have noticed, I like mixinf prints and I did it again. Florals on pants plus florals on Grandma's shirt plus openwork cardi plus tiny dots on scarf. Also green with pink. Diggin it. I forgot to wear my beret the day these photos were taken. It was my black, solid cherry on top of all the printed mess. Could you do it for me and imagine it being there on my head?

Znacie ten stan, kiedy wszystko wydaje się postawione na głowie i za nic na świecie nie da się przestawić do właściej pozycji? Ile bym się nie nasiłowała, wszystko jest dziwne, inne i nie do ogarnięcia. Właśnie teraz tak jest. Praca przywala mnie tonami, a kiedy zabieram się za jedną rzecz, inne leżą odłogiem i wzbudzają wyrzuty sumienia. Trochę mnie to dusi. Przejdzie. Staram się zachować spokój.

Chyba po raz pierwszy pojawiam się na tym blogu w spodniach. Jakoś tak mam, że w stresie ciągnie mnie do spodni. Może i są to spodnie w kwiatki, ale jednak spodnie. Może to męska część mojej natury w ten sposób się wyraża?

Poza tym znowu mieszam wzory. Kwiatki na spodniach i kwiatki na babcinej koszuli, i kropki na chuście, i ażury w swetrze. Zielony z różowym. Ryba w wodzie. Szkoa, że zapomniałam założyć beret. To była moja czarna, stabilna kropka nad wzorzystym "i". Zróbcie mi tę przyjemność i wyobraźcie sobie, że tam jest.

Jacket: vintage from my Grandma's closet 
Cardi: Troll, old 
Shirt: vintage from my Grandma's closet 
Scarf: Rossmann 
Trousers: C&A, old 
Boots: Wojas
Belt: n/n
Bag: n/n
Photos: my boyfriend, The Fish


  1. Świetne zdjęcia, piękna jesteś :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Mój Blog//KLIK :))

  2. Beautiful photos as always. I love the shirt and the cardigan. They go very well together.
    I think that we are weaker at the end of each winter. The lack of sun and less diversity in our menus (less fruits and salads) take a toll on us and we become predispose to having bad days, less energy, less optimism, less patience. That might not be your case but that's how I relate to the first paragraph of your post. The 'stress days' haven't hit me yet but I can feel them coming:)

    1. Thanks for your warm words, Alina! Yeah, I feel that the end of winter might be the culprit here. I'm just too tired living under the grey skies. But today we finally have some sunlight! So it's bound to be good now, I hope, and I'll get better :). Just as soon as I get rid of another cold I caught... Yikes!

  3. Very pretty pictures and girl :-) Hope you will feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, dear! Right now I'm fighting another cold but I hope soon everything will get better.

  4. Jak dla mnie super! Piękne zdjęcia.
    Pozdrawiam wiosennie.

    1. Dzięki :). Oj, wiosny to by się chciało już tak bardzo, bardzo...

  5. I really like how you mix the prints, they complement each other very well.
    Hope you will feel better soon, sometimes everything happens the same time and overwhelmes us. But as you say, it will pass. I've had these times before and I know I will have them again. For me the alarming signal is, that I can't calm down anymore, even when I am in the train or lying in bed. Just care for you and don't be to hard on yourself!
    I also switch to trousers when I'm not well. Maybe because I still think wearing trousers means less effort (which isn't true, I know) or maybe because I don't want to dress well when I'm not feeling well, so old jeans seen to fit better to my current situation when I'm feeling low. Never thought of it as a masculine side, breaking through, interesting idea...

    1. Thank you Ette for your kind words! You're so nice. My anxiousness wasn't yet there, in the place where it's impossible to calm down, but getting close to it. In effect, I'm now down with the cold which forces me to relax because I cannot do anything. But that only means I'll get better.