Bracciano, part 2

Bracciano is a lovely small town in Lazium territory, about 30 km away from Rome, sitting on a hill towering above Lake Bracciano. It is a tourist resort in the warmer part of the year but since we came around in the late October, it was already a lazy, calm and peaceful place where life slowly unfolds instead of sprinting forward. For us, it was the dreamiest place to be, especially since we were tired of big city life and its haste and constant whirr.

The town consists of two parts: the old one placed on the highest hill, around the castle, and the modern one. The old part is full of tiny houses and meandering narrow alleys. We had a pleasure to live in one such house. The modern part is full of shops and restaurants and cafes, frequented both by the locals and the tourists.

The people of Bracciano are friendly and helpful and we had a really nice time staying there, trying local foods and drinking cheap and tasty Italian wine, eating out the 1€ sliced pizza, sitting at the cafes, drinking our cafe lattes (never order cappucino in Italy after breakfast!) and eating ice cream or amazing mousses. All in all, a time well spent and relaxed state achieved. I seriously would come back for more.

Photos: my boyfriend, The Fish


  1. Amazing pictures and lovely dress!!! you look gorgeus!!! I've never been in Bracciano but it seems a wonderful place. Next time I'll go to Rome I want to go and see it! You have also to come to Lake Como ...It's an amazing place! :)

    1. Thank you dear! Yup, it's totally worth it to make a small trip to Bracciano. Too bad we didn't visit the castle, though... Will probably need to come back to Italy anyway, there's just so much beauty in your country left to see! I'll make sure we see Lake Como next time :D.