I've been brought up on fairy tales. I believe this makes a person live a certain way. As I'd mentioned way back, I need stories to keep me going, creating and generally feeling good with myself. I tell myself stories, fairy tales and fables. I make up my world to be able to see it like a child would: with curiosity and ever growing engagement. Stories inspire me, make me brave and ready to find adventure where one might not be --or it might just be waiting to be discovered.

It's clearly the sense of mystery that I'm addicted to. That's why I will keep reading any apparently boring book: the ending might be a treasure worthy only of the most persistent.

I try to tell stories with my photos, too. Here, in the abandoned house, my dog heard something and kept coming back to one dark window. I couldn't see what she has been hearing and smelling and the unknown remains just that: a lovely unknown.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins 
Cardigan: Biaggini 
Scarf: Rossman 
Shoes: Nord
Belt: second hand
Necklace&earrings: old

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