Outfit idea: Spring with Shein

It's officially spring now and I couldn't be happier about it! Still waiting for the least bit of colour around here though... So I am wearing as much colour as I can! Hence, when shein asked me to make this spring inspiration post, I thought I'd look for pieces that were fun but also easy to match with any colorful ideas you might have. In other words, I went for monochrome this time around! Well, mostly anyway.

Grey marbled jacket, Black biker jacket
Let's start off with outerwear. As the temperatures rise, we can finally ditch the coats and replace them wih lighter jackets. I was wondering about a letterman jacket of my own as it's a style I've never worn in the past and I like this marbled number so I might give it a try. And a biker jacket is just a staple in any wardrobe. I love mine so much!

Ice Cream cone jumper, Flower high-low sweater
Couldn't resist some fun colourful bits of course! Isn't the furry ice cream cone just too cute? I also like the little daisy with a petal falling off, as if someone was doing the age old divining of "he loves me, heloves me not..." Wear those with your skinny jeans or with a skirt fitted throught the hips. If you're really tiny, wear it with a flared skirt for extra cuteness factor!

Last but not least, sweaters! This lovely Fair Isle-like pattern is something to keep in your wardrobe forever. And the grey cable knit is super soft and warm and cozy --I can attest to that as I have it in yellow, as seen here and here. I hope soon I will be able to wear it instead of all the other outerwear.

Check out the Shein Spring Break sale --they have nice offers and there are some lovely choices to be made! Just please remember to shop reasonably. Get what you need and really like and not something trendy that you won't get any wear out of.


Vernal Equinox

thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt

I certainly wish today was as warm and sunny as the day these photos were taken. But Spring is now here (it's Vernal Equinox today) so I'm happy anyway! Can you feel the freshness in the air? Though it might be chilly and cloudy, I can hear the birds singing their hearts out just like I would. Even the rain is pleasant. I got soaked a few days back, caught in the rain, but it was the gentlest soak and the most caring rain --spring rain! Not the hateful and eternally sad rain of November, but the sweet and tender rain of March. I can almost smell the flowers waiting to bloom. Forsythias are going to explode any moment and I can't wait to see that vibrant yellow colour --I think it's the first one to show up around these parts.

What's the first thing to bloom around you?

Wearing thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt.
Photos by my boyfriend.


Sewing: Another Late For Tea dress

I love it when my Late For Tea dresses travel! This one is going to France, to lovely Marie. Thank you for your commission, dear! It was a pleasure to work with the fabric you chose. Lovely shades of green and blue on this wool. I still have enough left to make one dress (or a skirt perhaps, if that was someone's inclination?), so if you like this fabric as much as Marie and I do, drop me a note! Marie asked for a longer length than I originally designed and I was happy to oblige. When you commission a dress, we can easily settle all the details, like changes in length and size etc.

There are other fabrics available as well and you can see them here.

Read all the details about the Late For Tea dress --sizing, pricing etc. --in this post.