Outfit: Take me a picture

I think I've mentioned it before on the blog but I'll say it again: I used to be very much into vintage cameras! So much so, in fact, that I used to run a small blog where I would write old camera reviews, accompanied by photos that I took with them. My collection at one point was around 40 cameras! This interest has since waned but there still are a couple of analog cameras sitting on our shelves, in part for decoration and in part as a reminder that taking photos with them is always an option. The Ansco that I have in today's shoot is a 1950s medium format camera that we scored in its original faux leather case, with an attachment flash complete with a couple of those fun disposable flashbulbs that have since gone out of production. As this camera uses a type of film that is --again --no longer in production, there is a slim chance we'll ever use it but it's a cool piece of modernist design to have around.

dress c/o Rosegal, thrifted cardigan, old flats (similar), belt and beret

I've also been pleasantly surprised by the weather lately! During our September vacations we actually were really cold most of the time but October seems to be making up for that. I certainly didn't think I'd get to go out with bare legs this year anymore but what do you know? The cardigan wasn't even a necessity and the dress I'm wearing, although rather sheer, was just perfect on its own!

I'm wearing a dress c/o Rosegal, thrifted cardigan, old flats (similar), belt and beret.

Photos by Bartek.


Outfit idea: Come with me to the masked ball

I hear Halloween is coming! Although there is no local tradition of celebrating it in Poland, the Western or, Anglo-Saxon tradition sure reaches us here! While we usually don't treat it as seriously as people located more to the west of here, we do like to dress up and every reason is good to have a party! So, in line with our Polish take on the new tradition --or, rather my take on it --here's an outfit fit for a slightly Halloween-themed ball. A very masked ball! Halloween is all about a masquerade after all, isn't it?

I like to match my accessories by theme and finding all these mask-related pieces was so much fun! Add a glittery dress and here you go. A sort of understated-but-not outfit for a party when you don't want to be too literal about your Halloween inspiratinos. Gosh, I'd wear the hell out of this one!

If you prefer to be less opaque when celebrating your Halloween, why not check out the pieces you can find here (and on sale too!)? There are lots of pumpkin- and ghost- and zombie-themed clothes in there that will make you feel festive! Also you can enter a contest here to win a $100 voucher for your shopping spree on Rosegal. Give yourself a chance!


Outfit: In the end it is beauty that is going to save the world

I have just returned from a weekend spent by a bonfire in a forest, soaked with pine smoke and surrounded by friends old and new, while moments quickly flew by and at the same time seemed to keep lingering on in the balmy air. I love singing and laughing and sharing stories with other people while in the wild. I'm not big on large gatherings nor do I exactly enjoy nights at a noisy club anymore. But this? Learning new songs, opening my throat and heart, sharing whatever bits of knowledge I've gathered through the last 10 years with people who are on the same path -- if there is beauty in this life, this is where I see it shine. I never forget how much it makes me feel alive. I only forget how much I need it. When I remember it though, it's so intense! I sincerely believe that it is through this kind of little encounters with beauty that we grow in our lives.

thrifted dress, sweater, old oxfords and purse and beret, Good Looking Objects necklace (on sale!)

I'm wearing a thrifted dress, sweater, old oxfords and purse and beret, Good Looking Objects necklace (on sale!).

Photos by Bartek.